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Any Gun Can Play (1967)

Any Gun Can Play (1967)
Any Gun Can Play (1967).
The pitiless gang of the infamous Mexican bandit Monetero attacks a gold-laden railway waggon, unaware that they are being pursued by the fearless bounty hunter in black known as the "Stranger." But, when one of the thieves hides the treasure, the hunter chooses to join forces with his prey after rescuing him from the gallows.
Film: Any Gun Can Play (1967) aka Go Kill & Come Back!
Director: Enzo G. Castellari
Writers: Romolo Guerrieri, Sauro Scavolini, Tito Carpi
Produced by: Fida Cinematografica, RAF Vado L'Amazzo e Tamo
Cast: Edd Byrnes, George Hilton, Gilbert Roland
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