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A Crack In The Floor Mario Lopez Gary Busey

A Crack In The Floor Mario Lopez Gary Busey
A Crack In The Floor Mario Lopez Gary Busey.
A hiking and camping vacation suddenly becomes a survivalist nightmare when a group of athletic young friends happens upon a deranged hermit's cabin in the woods.
Directors: Sean Stanek, Corby Timbrook
Stars: Gary Busey, Mario Lopez
Long summary: For the past 33 years Jeremiah Hill has lived alone, with no contact with the outside world, and he intends to keep it that way. Jeremiah's mother had always warned him not to associate with the outside world, and her murder right before his eyes taught him a lesson he intends never to forget. Those who enter his world will pay a deadly price. As Lehman and his five friends from L.A. start their weekend camping trip they run into Tyler Trout and Floyd Fryed who represent the gateway into this distorted world that they are about to enter. These things just don't happen in Sheriff Talmidge and Deputy Kevin Gordon's small mountain town, and by stumbling upon this lonely cabin in the woods, they have shattered 33 years of solitude in Jeremiah's world... Unbeknownst to Lehman and his friends, their weekend trip of hiking and camping will become a nightmare of survival.
Mario Lopez as Lehman
Gary Busey as Tyler Trout
Bo Hopkins as Sheriff Talmidge
Rance Howard as Floyd Fryed
Tracy Scoggins as Jeremiah's Mother
Justine Priestley as Kate
Daisy McCrackin as Heidi
Bentley Mitchum as Johnny
Jason Oliver as Billy
Francesca Orsi as Sunny
Stephen Saux as Kevin Gordon
Roger Hewlett as Jeremiah
Kyle Patrick Feuer as Young Jeremiah
Frank Collison as Turner
Bill Erwin as Harold
Jacquie Barnbrook as Maggie
Robert Ambrose as Russell
Con Schell as Brad Mitchell
Madeleine Lindley as Jesse
David Naughton as The Empty Man
Brazil, Filho do Medo
Prisioneiros das Trevas
Germany, Nightmare of survival
Russia, Трещина в полу
Mexico, La grieta
Spain, Pacto mortal

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