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Armour Of God Jackie Chan Rosamund Kwan

Armour Of God Jackie Chan Rosamund Kwan
Armour Of God Jackie Chan Rosamund Kwan.
Jackie Chan stars as Asian Hawk, an Indiana Jones-style adventurer and ex-pop singer looking to make a fortune in exotic antiquities. After Hawk discovers a mysterious sword in Africa, a cult of monks kidnaps his ex-girlfriend Lorelei, demanding the sword as ransom as well as other pieces of the legendary Armour of God - a magical outfit dating back to the Crusades.
Her fiance, an old friend of Jackie's, turns to him for help. Lots of cooool, Jackie-style action, and laughs.
A.K.A. Operation Condor 2: The Armour of the Gods
Directed by: Jacki Chan
Starring: Jacki Chan, Rosamund Kwan
Jackie Chan as Jackie a.k.a. "Asian Hawk", a common treasure hunter and former member of the pop group "The Losers"
Alan Tam as Alan, a former member of The Losers who has moved on to a successful solo career
Lola Forner as May Bannon, the daughter of a powerful European Count
Rosamund Kwan as Lorelei, Alan's girlfriend and a former member of the Losers who is a prominent fashion designer
Božidar Smiljanić as Count Bannon, May's father
Ken Boyle as Grand Wizard, the leader of the evil religious cult
John Ladalski as Lama
Robert O'Brien as the African witch doctor
Boris Gregoric as Jackie's representative at the auction
Kenny Bee
Carina Lau
Anthony Chan

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