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Danger Flight Remastered John Trent Marjorie Reynolds Milburn Stone

Danger Flight Remastered John Trent Marjorie Reynolds Milburn Stone
Danger Flight Remastered John Trent Marjorie Reynolds Milburn Stone.
Tailspin Tommy is flying through a severe storm to deliver a cash payroll. What he doesn't know is that a gang of crooks is setting a trap for him in order to get their hands on the money.
1939 Hollywood Classic
Cast: John Trent, Marjorie Reynolds, Milburn Stone
Director: Howard Bretherton
Based on the comic strip Tailspin Tommy by Hal Forrest and Glenn Chaffin. The final offering of four "Tailspin Tommy" films made by Monogram Pictures, Danger Flight, was released on November 1, 1939.
Long summary: Ace flyer "Tailspin" Tommy Tomkins (John Trent) starts a model flying club for young boys, to learn about aviation. When Mr. Brown receives a large payroll by aircraft, then by car, gangster Mike Lewis and two gang members try to hold him up. Tommy agrees to carry the next payroll by small aircraft and then helps Mike's little brother Whitey (Tommy Baker), a tough orphan, get a model aircraft and join the model club.
On the night of a bad rain storm, Flight 14 is due to arrive with Brown's payroll, but an accident at a dam has Tommy flying to drop medical supplies. Tommy tries to land, but with zero visibility, he overshoots the field and crashes.
While search parties look for Tommy east of the airfield, Whitey is sure he knows where Tommy crashed and sends the boys out to search. After Whitey finds Tommy's wrecked aircraft, he sends his model aircraft up into the sky. Tommy's friends, Skeeter and Betty Lou see Whitey's model aircraft and rescue Tommy.
Headlines praise Whitey's heroism and Mike introduces him to gang boss Dawson (Julius Tannen), a toy manufacturer who proposes a "Whitey Lewis" aircraft that features a secret code. Tommy helps Whitey invent a model aircraft to be used during emergencies that can sky-write using smoke signals.
When Flight 14 finally arrives with the payroll, Tommy takes it on his plane with him. The gangsters pretend to have a car accident and Whitey, worried his brother is hurt, sends a smoke signal to Tommy, who lands and is held up.
At first, Tommy believes Whitey is with the gangsters but then they are both taken hostage. In the basement of Dawson's cabin hideout, Tommy and Whitey repair Whitey's miniature model and send a smoke signal, spotted by a pilot overhead.
The police find Whitey's model and search for the hideout, but Tommy sends Whitey upstairs to escape.
Scouts of the Air
Sky Patrol
John Trent as Tailspin Tommy Tompkins
Marjorie Reynolds as Betty Lou
Milburn Stone as Skeeter
Jason Robards Sr. as Paul Smith
Tommy Baker as Whitey Lewis
Dennis Moore as Mike Lewis
Julius Tannen as Dawson
Eddie Parker as Williams
Joseph E. Bernard as Brown
Harry Harvey Jr. as Johnny
Walter Wills as Cap
Forrest Taylor appears uncredited as Police Radio Dispatcher.
Aviation film historian Stephen Pendo in Aviation in the Cinema (1985) saw Danger Flight as an interesting concept with a young boy "becoming involved in model aircraft building".

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