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Drums Of Africa Adventure Buster Crabbe

Drums Of Africa Adventure Buster Crabbe
Drums Of Africa Adventure Buster Crabbe.
Drums of Africa - An expedition sets out to darkest Africa to find the fabled City of the Dead, and must battle thick jungle, hostile natives, wild animals and a deadly epidemic.
Drums of Africa (1941)
Director: Harry L. Fraser
Writers: Rita Douglas
Stars: Buster Crabbe, Charles Middleton, Sheila Darcy
Genre: Adventure
Country: United States
Language: English
Also Known As: Jungle Man
Release Date: 19 September 1941 (USA)
"I've just watched Drums of Africa for the first time and found fairly enjoyable, despite reading some bad reviews about it.
A party, including a woman and her dad set off to Africa to search for The City of the Dead, located in the depths of one of the jungles there. They have to face several dangers on their way including lions, tigers, snakes and head hunters. When they do find it, they discover it a ruin and explore and take some film of it. On the way back to camp, the woman finds a lion cub and decides to take it with her. A big mistake as several lions then attack the camp looking for it. Everybody is OK at the end though.
Drums of Africa has extensive stock footage of animals and natives dancing but that didn't spoil my enjoyment.
The cast includes former Tarzan actor Buster Crabbe, Charles Middleton and Sheila Darcy.
Though not brilliant, Drums of Africa is a good way to spend an hour one afternoon."
Also Known As (AKA):
(original title) Jungle Man
Brazil Mistérios da África
Brazil (reissue title) Tambores da África
Brazil Terrores da Mata Virgem
Greece (transliterated title) O kyriarhos tis zouglas
Mexico El rey del trópico
Sweden Djungelmannen
UK Jungle Man
USA (working title) Drums of Africa
USA (working title) King of the Tropics
USA Jungle Man

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