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In Old Montana Remastered Fred Scott Jean Carmen John Merton

In Old Montana Remastered Fred Scott Jean Carmen John Merton
In Old Montana Remastered Fred Scott Jean Carmen John Merton.
The Colonel sends Fred Dawson and Doc Flanders to investigate a cattleman sheepman war. Posing as a two-man medicine show, they quickly become involved. When Fred tries to bring the two sides together, Joe Allison is shot and Fred blamed. With Fred in jail and a lynch mob on the way, Doc tries to break his friend out.
1939 Hollywood Classic
Director: Raymond K. Johnson
Stars: Fred Scott, Jean Carmen, John Merton
Long Summary: Fred Dawson (Scott), a serving cavalry officer, requests leave of absence to visit his father, who has been shot. His commanding officer grants the request but asks him to carry out an investigation at the same time into the current conflict between the sheepherders and cattlemen in the area. Dawson arranges a meeting between the two factions to encourage mutual cooperation in an attempt to resolve the dispute. During the meeting Joe Allison (Walter McGrail) is shot and Dawson is framed for the shooting. He is locked up pending a trial but his friend Doc Flanders (Harry Harvey) breaks him out. Later Dawson and Ed Brandt (John Merton) have a fist fight, after which it emerges that Theodore Jason (Frank LaRue) has secretly been creating all the trouble for his own ends, hoping that the cattlemen and sheepherders would run out of money so that he could foreclose on their debts.
The film begins with a statement explaining the conflict:
When the links in the chain of States that made up the great United States were forged, there were many conflicts, dramatic and spectacular, that often threatened the prosperity of the frontier and the economic structure of the whole nation. Such was the war that broke out in Montana in 1860 between the cattle barons and the sheepherders. The cattlemen had priority and also claimed sheep polluted the land and streams, cropping the grass so short the grazing land was ruined for years. The sheepmen claimed that raising sheep was more profitable and that "the spread" was Government land and they had as much right to it as anyone else. The series of events chronicled here took place in the Lobo Valley just below the fertile grazing lands of the Powder River Basin. Although frankly a Western story, with fictitious characters, each one originally had its counterpart in fact.
Fred Scott as Fred Dawson
Jean Carmen as June Allison
John Merton as Ed Brandt
Harry Harvey as Doc Flanders
Walter McGrail as Joe Allison, father of June Allison
Wheeler Oakman as Jim Dawson, father of Fred Dawson
Frank LaRue as Theodore Jason
Allen Cavan as Sheriff
Jane Keckley as Pocohantas

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