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Kansas Pacific (1952) Lenght For Free

Kansas Pacific (1952) Lenght For Free
Kansas Pacific (1952) Lenght For Free.
Set prior to the Civil War but after the South has seceded from the U.S., the film centres on the efforts to build a railroad across Kansas toward the West Coast. Southern sympathizers attempt to sabotage the railroad construction efforts so U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Captain John Nelson, played by Sterling Hayden, is brought in to keep the project going. Captain Nelson must not only contend with the efforts of the saboteurs but also try to romance the railroad foreman's daughter, Barbara Bruce, who is played by Eve Miller. Miller plays the only female character within the entire movie. This film also features Clayton Moore, best known for his role in films and on television as The Lone Ranger. Andrew V. McLaglen is credited as assistant director in the opening credits of this movie.
Kansas Pacific (1952) movie genre: Western
Film cast:
Sterling Hayden as Captain John Nelson
Eve Miller as Barbara Bruce
Barton MacLane as Cal Bruce
Reed Hadley as William Quantrill
Irving Bacon as Casey
James Griffith as Joeh Farley
Douglas Fowley as Max Janus
Harry Shannon as Smokestack
Myron Healey as Morey
Clayton Moore as Stone
Robert Keys as Lieutenant Stanton
Tom Fadden as Gus Gustavson
Jonathan Hale as Sherman Johnson

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