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Love Is Not Love

Love Is Not Love
Love Is Not Love .
Early December. City sidewalks. Passing pedestrians vent domestic dissatisfactions as Joelle, the Narrator, begins the story of Frank, 60’s, an Everyman blinded by his fantasies. He walks behind two Irish Construction Workers who dissect the myth of Tristan and Isolde. In a museum line, Frank turns to face a beautiful stranger.
She walks away.
Frank gives chase.
She is Reyna, an escort. Their love grows. Each is married. On his birthday, she asks to be a couple in the world, not just in her bed. She reveals her true name and confesses her need to be desired. Frank's 30-year marriage to Paula has become surreal. He takes out the garbage and becomes Sisyphus. Their marriage has become a stage play. Paula confronts Frank in their kitchen at night. He tells her a “true” story about a fictional "Franco" who is unable to use his masculinity to survive. On Valentine’s Day, he tells her his dream where he becomes invisible. The Irish Construction Workers compare Valentine's Day to the Massacre. They put money in Joelle’s box. She rewards them as they meet two young Irish women buying a sandwich at Mohammed's street cart and are delivered from isolation. Frank walks alone in Central Park, as old as the leaves that fall behind him.
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