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Lust Life Love

Lust Life Love
Lust Life Love .
Veronica Willow is a thirty-something bisexual blogger who writes about her polyamorous sex life in New York City. Independent, confident, sensual and free, Veronica seems to have it all: her girlfriend Joanne, lover Pedro, an array of intriguing friends and strangers she enjoys at sex parties.
Then she meets monogamous though unhappily married Daniel.
Seduced by the challenge, Veronica pursues him, and they dive into an affair. After Veronica's other relationships drop away and Daniel gets divorced, she attempts to cultivate a triad relationship with him and her friend Maya, but unexpected jealousy causes her heart and identity to turn inside out. Although Veronica and Daniel’s relationship splinters, they both discover what they truly need: Daniel immerses himself in his version of polyamory, while Veronica chooses to prioritize self-love. Although alone, she remains open to new connections.
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