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S - Fist Of Stardom English

S - Fist Of Stardom English
S - Fist Of Stardom English.
The fight is heavy, the story of Thongpoon (under the dust - Kanokchat Chat etiquette), a young man who enjoys fighting. Traveling to the capital to pursue a dream of wanting to be a hero, Thongpoon has to face a gang of mafia, fighting and various fields, and a rejected filmmaker, so he has the idea to make a movie using Thongpoon's money. Which show off, show off, get rich, with Hong to act as the heroine, but soon, everything must be halted. When the truth is that Thong Phun is not as rich as he boasts, then he has to find a way to find money Ahmadinejad's boxing and gambling. Until have a chance to punch the cage to win the championship But the fate that he must choose between dreams Who wants to be a Buddha amulet from action or a boxing cage champion
Director - Theeratorn Siriphunvaraporn
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