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The Sin Of Harold Diddlebock Preston Sturges Classic

The Sin Of Harold Diddlebock Preston Sturges Classic
The Sin Of Harold Diddlebock Preston Sturges Classic.
The Sin of Harold Diddlebock - Twenty years after his triumphs as a freshman on the football field, Harold is a mild-mannered clerk who dreams about marrying the girl at the desk down the aisle. But losing his job destroys that dream, and when he finds a particularly potent drink at his local bar, he goes on a very strange and funny rampage (with a lion in tow).
The Sin of Harold Diddlebock (1947)
Director: Preston Sturges
Writers: Preston Sturges(original screenplay)
Stars: Harold Lloyd, Frances Ramsden, Jimmy Conlin
Genre: Comedy
Country: United States
Language: English
Also Known As: Mad Wednesday
Release Date: 18 February 1947 (USA)
Filming Location: Memorial Stadium - Stadium Rim Way, Berkeley, California, USA
I've watched movies from every era, of every genre; my favorites are comedy and SF. In the comedy genre, the only thing I can say about this movie is an unreserved THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE, ALL-TIME MOST HILARIOUS MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE.....and I've had fifty-eight years of life and experience to form that opinion in. I have two recommendations to make:
1: If you need a good, solid emotional pick-me-up, this is the movie to watch (my wife suffers from severe bouts of depression; in the midst of one of her worst bouts, this movie had her on the floor, laughing hysterically)---with one proviso:
2:DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE if you've just had abdominal surgery; it could kill you---literally.""
Also Known As (AKA):
(original title) The Sin of Harold Diddlebock
Austria Verrückter Mittwoch
Brazil Trapalhadas do Haroldo
Denmark En tosset onsdag
Finland (TV title) Diddlebockin synti
Finland (Swedish title) (alternative title) Oh, en sån onsdag
Finland Voi, mikä keskiviikko
France Oh quel mercredi!
Greece (transliterated title) Adekaros ekatommyriouhos
Hungary Mit csinált Diddlebock szerdán?
Italy Meglio un mercoledì da leone
Japan (Japanese title) ハロルド・ディドルボックの罪
Mexico Semana sin miércoles
Norway Å, for en Onsdag
Poland Zwariowana środa
Portugal Os Piores Anos da Sua Vida
Romania Pacatul lui Harold
South Africa (English title) (alternative title) Mad Wednesday
Soviet Union (Russian title) Грехи господина Дидлбока
Spain El pecado de Harold Diddlebock
Spain (DVD title) Oh, qué miércoles
Sweden Åh, en sån onsdag
Turkey (Turkish title) Lui Arslan Peşinde
Ukraine Гріх Гарольда Діддлбока
UK The Sin of Harold Diddlebock
USA (reissue title) Mad Wednesday
USA The Sin of Harold Diddlebock
Uruguay (original subtitled version) Semana sin miércoles
West Germany Verrückter Mittwoch

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