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Zombie Fighters Thai Zombie

Zombie Fighters Thai Zombie
Zombie Fighters Thai Zombie.
A man tries to save his brother who is trapped inside an abandoned hospital full of zombies. Audy and his friends head to the deserted hospital where his parents went and never came back. He really wants to know what happened there and why the hospital was abandoned. After sneaking in there, he and his friends find out something is trapped in the hospital. He finds out that his youngest brother was trapped amongst zombies which resulted from the virus plague. They try to save his brother and survive from the zombies.
Director: Lim Jihwan
Writer: Lim Jihwan,
Stars: Lee Bo-Yeong, Park Byung-jin, Seung-woo Chae
*** Horror Central - a collection of retro horror, some great....some not so great BUT all in the name of giving you the chills!

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