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A Star Is Born Twice Oscar Winning Fredric March Classic

A Star Is Born Twice Oscar Winning Fredric March Classic
A Star Is Born Twice Oscar Winning Fredric March Classic.
Classic Film: A Star Is Born - A young woman comes to Hollywood with dreams of stardom, and achieves them only with the help of an alcoholic leading man whose best days are behind him.
A Star Is Born (1937)
Director: William A. Wellman, Jack Conway(uncredited), Victor Fleming(uncredited)
Writers: Dorothy Parker(screen play), Alan Campbell(screen play), Robert Carson(screen play)
Stars: Janet Gaynor, Fredric March, Adolphe Menjou
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 20 April 1937 (USA)
Filming Location: Cafe Trocadero - 8610 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, California, USA
"I had not watched this movie until today, passing up each opportunity over the years to view it, as I feared it would not live up to the 1954 blockbuster starring Judy Garland and James Mason.
I was right, it does not; it far surpasses the 1954 remake. Judy Garland is my favorite all-round entertainer, favorite singer, and the songs in the 1954 movie are classic treasures, and James Mason never disappoints in any film. However, in the 1937 version the story is told more sensitively, with more shading. Janet Gaynor is perfect as the home-grown farm girl seeking to make her mark in Hollywood, and Fredric March is very convincing as the has-been who cannot cope with his declining value in Hollywood, especially since he caused much of it himself.
I had thought that I might miss the music in this earlier version, but I found after having watched it that I didn't miss it at all. The movie was engrossing from beginning to end and stood on its own merits. I was moved by this film in a way that I never had been by the later remake.
SEE this film if you love a good story; don't put it off for years the way I did. Simply, simply wonderful..."
Also Known As (AKA):
(original title) A Star Is Born
Argentina Nace una estrella
Austria Ein Stern ist geboren
Belgium (French title) Une étoile est née
Brazil Nasce uma Estrela
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) Роди се звезда
Canada (English title) A Star Is Born
Canada (French title) A Star Is Born
Croatia Karijera
Denmark Hollywood bag kulisserne
Denmark (reissue title) En stjerne tændes
Finland (Swedish title) Det hände i Hollywood
Finland (Swedish title) (TV title) Skandal i Hollywood
Finland Tapahtuipa Hollywoodissa
Finland (TV title) Tähti on syntynyt
Finland (video title) Tähti on syttynyt
France Une étoile est née
Germany (DVD title) A Star Is Born
Germany Ein Stern geht auf
Greece (transliterated title) Ena asteri gennietai
Hungary Csillag születik
Hungary Új csillag született
India (English title) A Star Is Born
Italy È nata una stella
Japan (Japanese title) スタア誕生(1937)
Mexico Nace una estrella
Netherlands Een ster wordt geboren
Norway En stjerne blir født
Norway (alternative title) Hollywood
Poland Narodziny gwiazdy
Portugal Nasceu Uma Estrela
Romania S-a nascut o stea
Slovenia Kariera
Soviet Union (Russian title) Звезда родилась
Spain Ha nacido una estrella
Sweden Hollywood
Sweden (reissue title) Skandal i Hollywood
Turkey (Turkish title) Talih Güneşi
UK A Star Is Born
USA A Star Is Born
Uruguay (original subtitled version) Nace una estrella
Venezuela Nace una estrella
West Germany Ein Stern geht auf
Yugoslavia (Slovenian title) Kariera
Yugoslavia (Croatian title) Karijera

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