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Acdc In Performance Music Documentary Rare Acdc Performance Footage

Acdc In Performance Music Documentary Rare Acdc Performance Footage
Acdc In Performance Music Documentary Rare Acdc Performance Footage.
This is the ultimate review of the band, In Performance. The band’s explosive stage performances are subjected to in-depth analysis and features rare footage of the band on stage.
AC/DC is a British-Australian hard rock band, formed in 1973 in Australia by Scottish brothers Malcolm Young and Angus Young. His albums have sold an estimated total of 200 million copies, embarking on massive tours around the world and his hits have set several outstanding film productions to music. His performances are famous in live, resulting in vibrant and exultant shows of the highest order. Much of this is due to the extravagant style of its lead guitarist and visual symbol, Angus Young, who assumes the role of lead guitarist during concerts, thanks to his dynamic and adrenaline-pumping displays. stage uniform of a street schoolboy. In the beginning, the concerts and times for which they suffered various changes in their lineup. His presence on stage made him one of the most charismatic characters in the history of hard rock. The formation would stabilize with Cliff Williams (bass) and Phil Rudd (drummer).
In 1974 they ventured for the first time outside of concerts in local punk rock bands, which offered a sound counterpoint to the pompousness and lavishness of the bands that triumphed in the market at the time. They moved to Glasgow, where they came from. They landed at the height of punk rock, which contributed to the fact that, in a short time, they obtained enormous public acceptance, immediately occupying the first positions in sales.
The triumphant career of the group, sustained by the charismatic rudeness and the rhythmic power of the guitar mastery, will continue with the multimillion-dollar Highway to Hell, one of the most emblematic albums in the history of hard rock and which sold millions of copies, that catapulted them to fame and solidified them to superstar status.
When they were at their best, both commercially and artistically, misfortune crossed their paths, when on February 19, 1980, vocalist Bon Scott died of alcohol poisoning. However, despite those who found themselves on the verge of separation, the group placed their destiny in the voice of Brian Johnson, ex-vocalist of the group Geordie.
Back in Black (1980), the tribute album to the death of the mythical original singer and which, in the end, would end up becoming the third best-selling album in the history of music with more than 45 million units in the world, would fit Johnson's figure perfectly in the image of AC/DC. The success of this work triggered the sales of all previous albums, unleashing popular fervor for the band. By mid-1981, all previous albums had exceeded one million copies.
With four decades of history, the band has overcome lineup changes, the loss of historic members, controversy over its image and lyrics, and constantly changing musical trends, to become one of the most popular bands today. To date, they are one of the highest-grossing bands of all time. Since March 2003, the group has been included in the Hall of Rock and Roll Fame. Although they are commonly classified as hard rock and considered one of the great influencers of heavy metal, they have always classified their music simply as rock and roll.
Cast: Darren Sadler, Sharon O'Connell, Steve Beebee
Director: Archive Media Publishing Ltd.

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