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The Book Of Deeds (Siccin) (Halloween ) Slasher

The Book Of Deeds (Siccin) (Halloween ) Slasher
The Book Of Deeds (Siccin) (Halloween ) Slasher.
Öznur is a young and beautiful woman. She has had a platonic love since childhood to Kudret, who is her cousin. Kudret, however, is married to a woman named Nisa and is very happy. Jealous, Öznur uses terrible black magic to change this so that she and Kudret will be together. However, she is not prepared for the evil that this spell unleashes.
Director: Alper Mestçi
Writer: Ersan Özer,
Stars: Merve Ates, Toygun Ates, Pinar Caglar Genctürk
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