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1994) Rosy Life(Jangmibich Insaeng)

1994) Rosy Life(Jangmibich Insaeng)
1994) Rosy Life(Jangmibich Insaeng).
A comic book store in Garibong-dong is run by a beautiful woman (Choi Myoung-gil) better known as Madam. This store stays open late into the night, thus attracting varied types of people. Three men hide in this comic book store coincidentally. Dong-pal (Choi Jae-sung) is a gangster who put himself in trouble. Ki-young is a labor agitator, and Eugene (Lee Ji-hyoung) is a guy who avoids public facilities due to a martial arts novel he wrote as a part-time job. Dong-pal attempts to contact Jjako, a guy who disappeared after causing trouble together with Dong-pal only to end up in more trouble. And Eugene falls in love with Miss Oh, a teashop girl who he met at the comic book store. Meanwhile, Dong-pal has a crush on Madam and rapes her when they are all alone. After the incident, Madam expresses contempt toward him and ignores him. But still, Dong-pal isn't happy about Madam being nice to Ki-young.
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