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Lady Cocoa Remastered Crime The Queen Of Vegas Lola Falana Millie Perkins

Lady Cocoa Remastered Crime The Queen Of Vegas Lola Falana Millie Perkins
Lady Cocoa Remastered Crime The Queen Of Vegas Lola Falana Millie Perkins. 
The foxy girlfriend of a gangster, Cocoa, is released from prison for 24 hours to testify against her mobster boyfriend but some thugs try to "silence" her testimony.
Starring Lola Falana "The Queen of Las Vegas". The film (also known as Pop Goes the Weasel) is a 1975 American blaxploitation crime drama that was directed by Matt Cimber. With Lola Falana in the title role, the film also featured Millie Perkins, Alex Dreier, Gene Washington and Joe Greene.
1975 Classic Blaxploitation FIlm.
In 1958, Falana's first dancing gig was at age sixteen during a Dinah Washington nightclub appearance in Philadelphia in which Washington gave her the opening act slot to perform. Washington dubbed the "Queen of Blues", was influential in fostering Falana's early career. While dancing in a chorus line in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Falana was discovered by Sammy Davis Jr., who gave her a featured role in his 1964 Broadway musical Golden Boy. After the musical, Falana launched her music career later in 1964. Her first single, "My Baby", was recorded and released for Mercury Records in 1965. Later in her career, she recorded under Frank Sinatra's record label. In the late 1960s, Falana was mentored by Sammy Davis, Jr.
American TV audiences became familiar with Falana during the early 1970s. She often appeared on The Joey Bishop Show and The Hollywood Palace, displaying her talent for music, dance, and light comedy. These appearances led to more opportunities. She was the first supporting player hired by Bill Cosby for his much-anticipated variety hour, The New Bill Cosby Show, which made its debut on September 11, 1972 (her 30th birthday) on CBS. Cosby had met Falana in his college days, when he was a struggling comic and she was a 14-year-old dancing for $10 a show in Philadelphia nightclubs.[citation needed] Throughout the mid-1970s, Falana made guest appearances on many popular TV shows, including The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, The Muppet Show, Laugh-In and The Flip Wilson Show. She also starred in her own television specials. In 1975, Falana's disco record There's A Man Out There Somewhere reached on the Billboard R&B chart. That same year, she returned to Broadway as the lead in the musical Doctor Jazz. Although the production closed after just five performances, Falana was nominated for a Tony Award and won the 1975 Theater World Award.
With help from Sammy Davis, Jr., she brought her act to Las Vegas and became a top draw there. By the late 1970s, Falana was considered the "Queen of Las Vegas". She played to sold-out crowds at The Sands, The Riviera, and the MGM Grand hotels. Finally, The Aladdin offered her $100,000 a week to perform. At the time, Falana was the highest-paid female performer in Las Vegas. Her show ran twenty weeks a year and became a major tourist attraction. While still playing to sold-out crowds in Las Vegas, Falana looked to other key TV roles, originally being slated to star in a remake of the 50s Vampira Show. When this project collapsed she joined the cast of a short-lived CBS soap opera, Capitol, as Charity Blake, a wealthy entertainment mogul.
The director - Matt Cimber was Ms. Jayne Mansfield's husband at the time of her tragic, untimely death.
Millie Perkins did her own stunt hanging off the side of the car when it goes into the pool.
Shot in four weeks.
Made under the title "Pop Goes the Weasel."
Director Matt Cimber had to win money in a high-stakes craps game in order to pay everyone in the crew a bonus week's pay.
The cast and crew found themselves stuck at the main hotel and casino location due to a snowstorm.
Various employees at the King's Castle Hotel and Casino appear in this movie in small roles.
Matt Cimber cast himself as the second hitman in order to keep the budget down.
Director: Matt Cimber
Cast: Lola Falana, Gene Washington, Alex Dreie

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