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Blanche Fury Stewart Granger Classic Romance Crime

Blanche Fury Stewart Granger Classic Romance Crime
Blanche Fury Stewart Granger Classic Romance Crime. 
Blanche Fury - The childless widow of Allan Fury bequeaths the Fury estate to her Fuller relatives but Allan's illegitimate son who masquerades as a servant hopes to grab the estate for himself.
Blanche Fury (1948)
Director: Marc Allégret
Writers: Audrey Erskine-Lindop (screenplay), Cecil McGivern (screenplay), Hugh Mills (dialogue)
Stars: Stewart Granger, Valerie Hobson, Walter Fitzgerald
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Romance
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Release Date: 18 February 1948 (UK)
Filming Location: Weaver Hills, Ramshorn, Staffordshire, England, UK
Ambitious poor relation Blanche Fuller accepts a job as governess from her wealthy cousins who have adopted the name Fury since they acquired the ancestral home of the Fury family. Blanche plots to become the lady of the manor but her illicit passion for the vengeful, obsessed Philip Thorn sets off a string of tragic events, including murder.
"This dark, engrossing drama centers on a beautiful English girl(Valerie Hobson) who goes to live at her uncle's Gothic estate where she engages in an illicit affair with the head-strong steward(Stewart Granger). This is one of the Rank Studio's most impressive Gothic melodramas. It's rich in creepy, menacing atmosphere, and features solid direction by Marc Allegret and terrific performances by the multi-talented British cast. Most of these classic '40's British dramas were rightfully filmed in black and white. BLANCHE FURY was filmed in color, but color actually suits this film well and makes the wonderful Gothic architecture all the more enjoyable."
Also Known As (AKA):
(original title) Blanche Fury
Argentina Orgullo de casta
Australia Blanche Fury
Austria Blanche Fury
Austria Unruhiges Blut
Belgium Blanche Fury
Brazil Mais Forte que o Amor
Canada (English title) Blanche Fury
Chile Orgullo de casta
Colombia Orgullo de casta
Denmark Flammer over Clare Hall
Finland Veren oikeudella
France Jusqu' à ce que mort s'ensuive
Greece (transliterated title) Katarameni genia
Greece (reissue title) O nothos
India (English title) Blanche Fury
Ireland (English title) Blanche Fury
Italy Stirpe dannata
Japan (Japanese title) 情炎
Mexico Orgullo de casta
New Zealand (English title) Blanche Fury
Portugal Fúria Branca
Romania Blanche Fury
Serbia Бланш Фјури
South Africa (English title) Blanche Fury
Soviet Union (Russian title) Бланш Фьюри
Spain La mansión de los Fury
Sweden Lady Furys älskare
Turkey (Turkish title) aşkın günahı
UK Blanche Fury
USA Blanche Fury
Venezuela Orgullo de casta
West Germany Unruhiges Blut
Yugoslavia (Serbian title) Бланш Фјури

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