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Dinosaur Cove Adventure Family Night

Dinosaur Cove Adventure Family Night
Dinosaur Cove Adventure Family Night. 
Struggling author Wyatt Harrison (Jared Withrow) and his son Riley (Brayden Eaton) travel to the quiet, ocean side town of Dinosaur Cove to begin a new life, searching for healing from the recent loss of Wyatt’s wife and Riley’s mother. Through their sorrow the two are brought together as they stumble into a delightfully unexpected adventure as the unlikely caretakers of lost Pteranadon eggs. Wyatt must recapture his wonder and his belief in the incredible as young Riley struggles to show him the path to becoming like a child again.
Directed by Daniel Knudsen
Starring Brayden Eaton, Jared Withrow, Holly Houk, James Pilachowski, Emily Buckner, Addilyn Houk, Regan Miller
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