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Fabulous Trinity Free Subtitles

Fabulous Trinity Free Subtitles
Fabulous Trinity Free Subtitles. 
The three Trinidad brothers, accused of weapons smuggling, are imprisoned in a Mexican labor camp governed by the revolutionary Colonel Jiménez. Nora is a beautiful woman who, after making friends with Scott, a bounty hunter, goes with him to the Mexican prison, where she poses as the niece of the Trinidads, dazzles Jiménez with her flirtatiousness and manages to free the three brothers, whom she persuades to work under her orders in smuggling. The Trinidads head off in search of the shipment, while Scott learns of the large reward being offered for them and sets out to get it.
Richard Harrison - Scott
Fanny Grey - Nora Winters alias Vargas
Fernando Sancho - Coronel Jiménez
Cris Huerta - Bud Wesley alias Prinzio Trinidad
Ricardo Palacios - Ray Wesley alias Panzio Trinidad
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