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Red Mercury David Bradley Stockard Channing Ron Silver

Red Mercury David Bradley Stockard Channing Ron Silver
Red Mercury David Bradley Stockard Channing Ron Silver. 
When their London base of operations is about to be raided, three radical extremists flee with a bomb in the making. After they take a restaurant hostage, Sofia (Juliet Stevenson) is called in to supervise negotiations between the authorities and the young men. As she investigates their pasts, Sofia realizes that the youths are from diverse backgrounds, with Islam serving as their only common link. With time running out, she must rescue the prisoners by any means possible.
2005 Crime Thriller
Alternate summary:
Three young Muslim men are making a bomb in a London flat when they are warned to vacate instantly. Asif (Navin Chowdhry), Shahid (San Shella) and Mushtaq (Alex Caan) bolt out the door moments before the police arrive. When their getaway car is clamped, they are forced to escape on foot from the pursuing police. Cornered they dive into a restaurant on a busy street. As the police wait outside, Asif, Shahid and Mushtaq are now trapped inside. Thinking quickly, Mushtaq decides to hold the restaurant and its clientele hostage as a bargaining chip with the police. The owner, Penelope (Stockard Channing) first thinks this is a simple robbery before learning this is far more sinister. Outside, a police/MI5 operation is underway to release the hostages with Sofia Warburton (Juliet Stevenson) in charge of the operation. Slowly she starts to assemble data from voice samples and fingerprints to try and build up a profile of these hostage takers. The only connection between the boys is their unswerving devotion to Islam. The greatest fear for the police is the belief that the terrorists are holding Red Mercury, which could unleash untold damage and horror across London. The boys clearly have the knowledge and skills but no one can tell if they have the material. Meanwhile, tensions mount as the hostages and London itself remain in mortal danger from the detonation and devastation caused by a dirty bomb.
Director: Roy Battersby
Stars: David Bradley, Stockard Channing, Pete Postlethwaite, Ron Silver, Juliet Stevenson, Nigel Terry, Alex Caan, Navin Chowdhry
David Bradley as Neil Ashton
Stockard Channing as Penelope
Pete Postlethwaite as Gold Commander
Ron Silver as Sidney
Juliet Stevenson as Sofia Warburton
Nigel Terry as Lindsey
Alex Caan as Mushtaq
Navin Chowdhry as Asif
Nicholas Farrell as Minister
Amanda Ryan as Electra
Honeysuckle Weeks as Clarissa
Jason Hughes as Jeff Collins

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