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The 13Th Man Weldon Heyburn Mystery

The 13Th Man Weldon Heyburn Mystery
The 13Th Man Weldon Heyburn Mystery. 
Full Classic Movie: The 13th Man - A tough district attorney has been cleaning up the town, and has already imprisoned twelve dangerous criminals. As he is about to name the target for his next investigation, he is murdered in the midst of a crowd. The police have many suspects and hardly any clues, so two reporters decide to investigate for themselves.
The 13th Man (1937)
Director: William Nigh
Writers: John W. Krafft (story)
Stars: Weldon Heyburn, Inez Courtney, Selmer Jackson
Genre: Mystery
Country: United States
Language: English
Also Known As: The Thirteenth Man
Release Date: 30 June 1937 (USA)
"The story is not quite new: on the night before his almost sure re-election, a D.A. - the kind that 'cleans up' with crime and underworld activities - in a final radio speech announces that immediately after the elections he'll arrest the next underworld leader after the 12 he's already brought to jail; the 13th man... He even names some of the 'candidates': a gambling racket leader, a nightclub owner, a corrupt hospital manager, a newspaper publisher, and even his own political opponent. Not surprisingly, on the same night he's murdered by a poisoned dart in the middle of a prizefight event, and the two reporter friends Swifty and Jimmy set out at once following the trail of blood - and that's exactly where all the suspense and all the atmosphere of this really special 'Poverty Row' masterpiece starts...
It's simply a feast for every fan of the reporter movie genre: it gives detailed insight into radio and newspaper work as it was in the 1930s (not that it's TOTALLY changed now: being a journalist will ALWAYS be more or less the same - I'm speaking from experience...), it conveys to you the fascinating atmosphere of the broadcasting studio and the editors' office room; and most of all, it describes the reporter instinct, that driving force that leaves everything else second: when a reporter on a hot trail invites a girl out to an expensive dinner, chances are that the rendezvous will finally end up at a hamburger stand... So the movie tells you clearly what to expect if you fall in love with a reporter - man or woman, no matter; in fact, the protagonist himself explains how things are: "Of course you don't have to be crazy to be a newspaper man, but it does help..."
In the meantime, the film also has a unique way of going through literally ALL kinds of emotions: true love, dark tragedy, romance taken lightly until the real feelings break through - and then again covered up by sudden, unexpected jokes; like when the reporter's secretary who's secretly in love with him starts being REALLY alarmed by the many death threats he gets and begs him to lay off the case, grasping him by his jacket: "Oh Swifty, if anything would happen to you, I'd... I'd..." - "You'd what?", he only asks - and there she lets go of his jacket, turns away, shrugs her shoulders and just replies: "Well, I'd lose my job!" And he adds, equally unmoved: "Well, so would I!" ...
All in all, the movie is a REAL little gem that shows that a simple, cheap 'little' Monogram movie can be just equally moving and suspenseful as an expensive all-star film from one of the big studios; it's a first-class 'whodunit' that leaves us all puzzled until the end - we may have kind of an uneasy feeling from the beginning about who did it, but it just seems too fantastic, too cruel - so we'll have to wait until that dramatic midnight radio broadcast climax where our reporter hero will announce who the murderer is... Don't miss this one, and don't think it's just another 'assembly line product' - it's REALLY different from most of the rest of them!"
Also Known As (AKA):
(original title) The 13th Man
Brazil O Acusado Nº 13
Finland 13. mies
Mexico El hombre número 13
Sweden Den 13:e mannen
UK The 13th Man
USA (alternative spelling) The Thirteenth Man
USA The 13th Man

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