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The Big Lift Berlin

The Big Lift Berlin
The Big Lift Berlin. 
Colorized Classic Drama Film: The Big Lift - Experiences of two Air Force sergeants during the 1948 Berlin Airlift.
The Big Lift (1950)
Director: George Seaton
Writers: George Seaton
Stars: Montgomery Clift, Paul Douglas, Cornell Borchers
Genre: Drama, War
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 26 April 1950 (USA)
Filming Location: Airport, Tempelhof, Berlin, Germany
In 1948, the Soviet Union blockades the Allied sectors of Berlin to bring the entire city under their control. A semi-documentary about the resulting Berlin Airlift gives way to stories of two fictitious U.S. Air Force participants: Sgt. Hank Kowalski, whose hatred of Germans proves resistant to change, and Sgt. Danny McCullough, whose pursuit of an attractive German war widow gives him a crash course in the seamy side of occupied Berlin.
"Montgomery Clift had made his screen debut in 1947 in The Search and in the short period of four years made some films considered now as classics. He was also in Red River. The Heiress, and A Place in the Sun. The Big Lift doesn't belong in that category.
Still it's an intriguing idea that George Seaton. With only five actors in the plot, have the rest of the film be actual army personnel and German civilians. And the amateur cast does fine playing themselves. I guess it saved a whole lot salary. It gives the movie a documentary feel to it.
Monty and Paul Douglas are two American GIs participating in The Berlin Airlift. This was America and it's allies Great Britain and France in a joint effort to airlift supplies into Berlin after Stalin closed off ground access to Berlin in an effort to force the other three occupying powers out of Berlin.
It was a great propaganda victory for the west at the beginning of the Cold War. Fed a hungry city at the same time calling Joe Stalin's bluff. One Harry Truman's best decisions as President, a win/win for sure.
The story involves Clift and Douglas and their interaction with some German civilians they hooked up with. Clift is a sensitive soul as he always is and Douglas is the rough hewn, but kindly type he usually is. They have differing views about the Germans from fighting them in the late War which was only five years old at the time The Big Lift was made.
Let us say that both of them learn something from their experiences by the time the film ends and the Berlin Airlift is officially over.
Not in the pantheon of great films for Clift and Douglas, but an interesting and in this case historical piece of cinema."
Also Known As (AKA):
(original title) The Big Lift
Argentina Sucedió en Berlín
Australia The Big Lift
Austria Es begann mit einem Kuß
Belgium (Flemish title) De luchtbrug
Belgium (French title) Le pont aérien
Brazil Ilusão Perdida
Canada (English title) The Big Lift
Chile Sucedió en Berlín
Denmark Luftbroen
Finland Suuri ilmasilta
France La ville écartelée
Greece (transliterated title) Flogismenos diadromos
Hungary A légihíd
Italy La città assediata
Japan (Japanese title) 大空輸
Mexico Sucedió en Berlín
Netherlands (alternative transliteration) De vierengedeelde stad
Norway Den store luftbroen
Poland Podzielone miasto
Portugal Sitiados
Romania Marele pod aerian
Soviet Union (Russian title) Большой подъём
Spain Sitiados
Sweden En yankee i Berlin
Turkey (Turkish title) İşgal Ordusu
UK The Big Lift
USA (working title) The Quartered City
USA (working title) Two Corridors East
USA The Big Lift
West Germany Die viergeteilte Stadt
West Germany Es begann mit einem Kuß
Yugoslavia (Serbian title) Vazdušni most

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